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dokumentu sagatavošana sia dibināšanai

Incorporation Documents

Complete the application form below to order all the necessary documents for company formation in the Republic of Latvia. We will promptly prepare and send them to you, providing all necessary Instructions on further steps and technical support, if needed. Ultimately, you will have a Limited liability company (SIA).

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Completion – Within 24 Hours
  • Service Price – From € 150

If you have any questions,
contact us on WhatsApp:
+371 29 606 290

Service Fees

€150 Base Fee – Preparation of Limited liability company (SIA) incorporation documents for one founder (regardless of share capital amount). Completed documents are sent via email with general instructions for signing, submission to the Latvian Enterprise Register, etc.

Additional options available:

+25€ Additional Person – Fee for each additional founder or board member (if not a founder).
+25€ VAT Number – We will prepare an application for your company’s inclusion in the SRS VAT register.
+50€ Document Submission – We’ll submit electronically signed documents to REOL on your behalf.
+50€ State Fee Payment – We’ll pay the state fee on your behalf (+€50 for full-capital SIA).
+50€ Notary Visit Organization – We’ll arrange your visit to a notary in the Republic of Latvia.
+50€ Electronic Signing – Consultation on electronic document signing options (non-EU citizens +€50).
+50€ Legal Entity – Additional fee for each legal entity as a founder (parent company).
+100€ Bank Account Opening – Consulting on opening a company bank account in Latvia or elsewhere in Europe.
+100€ Entry into Latvia – Consultation on entry options into Latvia (visas, residence permits, etc.).

Additional costs may be calculated and added to the final price if you decide to rent a legal address or opt for the Register of Enterprises of Latvia (REOL) to review your incorporation documents within 1 working day.

Service Payment

Upon completing the order form and selecting the additional options you need, the total service cost will be calculated. After form submission, you will receive an email with a proforma invoice. Once we receive the payment (or payment order), we will begin service fulfillment.


Depending on the additional options you choose, you’ll receive the necessary support in the form of consultations. These can be conducted as phone calls, video conferences, or email correspondence. Our goal is to provide you with the essential information and remote support needed to successfully register your company in the Republic of Latvia.

Any questions?

Feel free to write or call us at any time – we will answer any unclear questions and help you choose the best solutions.

+371 29 606 290
+371 29 385 879